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Who is Randwick Natural Medicine

Welcome to Randwick Natural Medicine, where we offer acupuncture, remedial massage, nutritional counselling, herbal medicine and meditation coaching.
We are dedicated to an evidence-based practice, informed by the latest clinical research, that aims to address both the presenting symptoms and root causes of physical, mental and emotional imbalance.
Our compassionate and empathetic approach, grounded in decades of learning and experience, enables us to provide safe, caring results-oriented treatments of the highest standard.
Whether you’re experiencing an acute injury, a chronic condition or need ongoing stress management as a preventative measure, we’d be honored to assist.

Our Story


How it started...

Lara and Shann met while studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS. They struck an instant affinity with each other, sharing a like minded desire to help people on their healing journey through an integrated approach. They both worked at Ben & Biao Natural Medicine, under the guidance and mentorship of Heidi Dunn and Sally Chilvers, who they remain in close contact with today. Lara and Shann started Randwick Natural Medicine to provide a legacy to the Ben & Biao Natural Medicine patients and family. They aim to continue to provide a level of quality care instilled in them from their mentorship with Heidi and Sally.


Why we do it...

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to overlook the importance of nurturing our well-being amidst the chaos. We are passionate about assisting people on their healing journey. We understand that the body is an integrated whole. Our aim is to support the function the body and bodily systems to be as healthy as possible even with the presence of disease. We aim to achieve this by using multimodalities of acupuncture, herbs, massage, and nutrition.

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We specialise in...

Pain management
Women’s Health: Endometriosis, menopause/ peri-menopause, and fertility
Anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression
Digestive disorders: IBS, SIBO, Reflux/Gerd
Cancer care

Why Choose Us

Evidence Based Practice

Our treatments and protocols are guided by research, we use protocols that demonstrate results. We keep up to date with the most recent research and are connected to networks globally

Treatment Plans

We will summarise our findings and recommendations of your condition. Provide you with a clear Treatment Plan setting out our agreed treatment aims and how we plan to get you there

Quality Products

We source TGA approved Chinese herbal medicine. High quality- research backed, practitioner grade supplements and nutritional products

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